I’ve just finished watching the brilliant Fargo .But ,there’s one bit , in tonight’s episode ,I cannot work out and I think it is reference to the initial dialogue between Gus and Malvo in episode one.

It is when Gus says to Malvo ” I figured it out, ‘shades of green’ .”

Can anyone explain ?

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  1. I was wondering about that as well so I looked it up.

    Here’s the answer courtesy of: https://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/yahoo-tv/fargo-finale-callbacks-232811663.html

    ‘Just before Gus pulls the trigger on Malvo, he tells him, “I figured it out… your riddle.” What riddle was he talking about?

    That’s a reference to Episode 4, when Gus had to watch helplessly as Malvo walked out of the police station free as a bird after posing as a harmless minister named Frank Peterson.

    When Gus stopped Malvo on the way out and asked him how he can lie like that, Malvo responded with his own question: “Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color? My question for you is: Why?”

    Gus didn’t have an answer, so Malvo told him, “When you figure out the answer to my question, you’ll have the answer to yours.” Later in the episode, Molly gave Gus the answer: “Because of predators.”

  2. Wow Marlene that’s impressive
    Funnily enough I was talking to an art teacher from an Ealing comp today and he said when he was studying colour theory at art school, was told that because green is in the middle of the colour spectrum visible to us humans it is where we are able to distinguish the most subtle variations.
    Could this have a baring on things?

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